09.07.2022 15:16

Event is getting closer

General information

If you are planning to come to the event, but have not yet registered, please register as early as possible. This information makes it easier, among other things, for the commanders of the factions to plan their forces and to establish groups/teams.

Discord groups

The factions have closed groups in Ehasan's Discord. The request to join these groups must be submitted on the channel #closed_faction_channel_applications, after which the game masters will grant access to the actual faction group. 

Paladin grenades

We have received a large shipment of Paladin products from Taginn, which can be rented and purchased at the event site. Paladin grenades are mainly used in the game to destroy vehicles. At the moment, there is only 1 multi range shell left in stock (€120), but there are plenty of Paladins (10 Paladins + 1 practice projectile = 50 €). The reservation of products must be done via email The rest of the products are sold on site.


The map of the game area has been published. On the map, you can find the bases of the factions and, for example, some landmarks/key places that are related to the game's story or missions.

Game end time

Based on the feedback, we have decided to set the game end two hours earlier so that it ends Saturday at 16:00.

Commander recruitment

We are still looking for a commander for Sewell Mining. As a commander, you work in close cooperation with the game masters. The commander plans the divisions of his/her forces and leads the faction during the game. The game masters gives the daily goals to the commander, who based on them further plans the daily tasks. Commanders receive a free game fee and €20 in commodity money to use for Ehasa products. Players serving in the factions HQ staff are also entitled to various benefits. Commander applications are received by email at


Juupavaara sells campsites with electric plugs in the registration area. The campsite in the area is shown on the map as: neutral base. You can find the price list of places at Juupavaaras website. Campsites can be reserved by emailing, where additional information regarding payment etc. will be given. You can get more information about campsites and other accommodations by contacting directly Juupavaara:


The event's traditional aftergame will be held on Saturday from 21:00 at the restaurant of the Juupavaara skiing center. The restaurant has rights to serve alcohol.

Rides from and to parking areas

This year, we will not organize separate rides from the parking area to the bases of the factions (or vice verca). The players will have to manage their rides themselves. However, the bases are relatively close to the registration area. Before the start of the game and after the end of the game, you can drive to the bases with offgame cars to unload your gear. Some of the roads are at this stage set as driveable only one-way to avoid larger traffic jams at the bases. More detailed information and driving directions are published on the and websites later on.

About the battles and the event itself

In the last few days, we have planned the tasks of the event and we are now starting to build the various props required by the tasks. The tasks are assigned to the factions commanders as goals on a daily basis, based on which the faction commanders individually determine the most suitable troops to perform the tasks in question. Some of the tasks require quick decision-making ability from the factions commander and maybe some special technical skills. However, all the tasks can be completed using traditional means, but for example the special abilities or equipment of the players can have a significant advantage. Due to the shape of the area, this year we will make use of plenty of fixed temporary respawn areas.

It is possible for civilians and main faction players to get access to the service, where you can write news (propaganda?), advertisements and other ingame information. Login information can be requested by email at

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