10.07.2022 17:41

Polaris Energy commander selected

The commander for the Polaris Energy faction has been selected. Here is a short introductory text made by the commander:

I am Antton Lunden, game name "Svir", a 29-yo hobbyist from Kerava who has been at this on an on/off basis for 10 years. Large battles as well as the execution of plans and gamified tactics are my main draw to the sport.

At TSTOS events I've primarily participated in command oriented roles, most recently acting as the company XO for MAD-company and as a messenger in the battalion headquarters. Previously I've fought as a squad leader, a platoon leader and company commander. Now I am adding another responsibility to my list: battalion commander.
I came here to defeat the opponent and to ensure that every fighter can experience the same fantastic fights that the event has offered me in the last few years.
Let's build our faction into a fighting unit we can be proud of together.

I'll see you on the field!

Note that we are still looking for a commander for the Sewell Mining faction!

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