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TSTOS 2022 information

Welcome to TSTOS 2022

Please read the whole document as there is lots of useful information about the event and rules.

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Arriving to the area








About Juupavaara…

While inspecting the area back in June, we were made to understand that things would be a bit different.

To put it mildly, there have been some problems with the owner of Juupavaara. In practice, these problems are only visible to the players as changes in parking arrangements and food services.

The original parking area was in a rather rough condition, and not necessarily suitable for the majority of cars. We will now have several parking areas. When parking, you should take into account that the road can still be used by emergency vehicles, etc.

Food services do not necessarily come from Juupavaara, because they do not (at the moment) have valid permits to make food. Unfortunately, we also couldn't get Dogs&Deli in such short notice, because they had already agreed on another event, and the original deal was that Juupavaara was exclusively supposed to handle all the food services.

During aftergames Juupavaara's restaurant is also not necessarily in use, because they do not have (at the moment) the necessary permits to sell food or alcohol. However, aftergames are normally organized in the game masters area, and there are indoor facilities, a sauna and a bathtub.

According to the owner of Juupavaara, the permits are being worked on, but you shouldn't count on it.

We have taken this into account in such a way that if Juupavaara cannot get its services to work, we will try to sell the players some kind of light food and drink services from the registration area

Nevertheless we will keep you updated about any changes regarding Juupavaara restaurant.

Also the owner of Juupavaara has a very strict policy about (airsoft) guns and alcohol. So please keep the pre games at faction’s bases which belong to a different land owner.

We will inform you when/if Juupavaara will offer its services. Please do not come knocking Juupavaara doors since this is something we got already in “trouble”

Expect the best, prepare for the worst!

Arriving early on Monday / Tuesday?

  • Go straight to your factions base. If you need directions check the status map or contact the game measters. At the base empty your vehicle and return to the game masters area. After this ask the game masters about the parking places at Juupavaara.
  • Registration opens normally on Wednesday, except for HQ staff and ehasa volunteers who can register already on Tuesday evening.
  • If you are about to have a pregame please do it in the factions base.
  • Bathrooms, water and firewood will arrive on Tuesday to bases. map

  • Public map is now open for anyone to look at. There are some small changes to the printed map!
  • If you haven’t already downloaded the status-app get it now on Google play
  • The app makes tracking yourself possible as well as tracking your faction’s leadership. Additionally, it is an easy way to give orders and plans for the whole faction.
  • For those who can’t use the app, can use the website, but the GPS tracking doesn’t work if the browser is closed or the tab is not active.
  • When you sign in you need to use your account!
  • Password for faction map is disabled. Log in with your account to enable the map.
  • As a player, all you have to do is check that you are logged in and press the share location button. Location information can only be accessed by the game masters and other players in your faction, if you work in leader positions or as a vehicle driver, for example.
  • We hope you download the Android app, sign in to your factions's map, and share your location. This gives the game masters and faction commander private access to your location, making it easy to track the progress of the game/locations of players and allocate resources to the right areas.

Saplings in the area

  • There are some new forest plantations in the area with young saplings. Avoid breaking any saplings by all means.

Moving around the game area

  • This year you can enter/exit the game area from any direction. When moving around the area, remember to follow traffic code and finnish laws. Do not go to private properties. We encourage you to be polite and inform any bypassers about the event.


  • There’s a tasks-menu at the system. You can view any task that is given by game masters or by your faction. Tasks that consider mainly your faction are also visible on your factions map.


  • Base location can be checked at:
  • There is no space for off-game vehicles in base.
  • In game vehicles should have enough space in the base.
  • Game Masters won’t give permissions to keep off-game vehicles in the base if you ask! Only Sewell Mining has one vehicle as “offgame helicopter” reserve for us.
  • Electricity will be produced with one 5kW generator which is for HQ and loading batteries. Generator will be placed near HQ.
  • Water will be by the road next to the base.
  • Trash bags and orange bags for cans/bottles can be asked from HQ.
  • There will be bathrooms in the base, and they will be emptied on Friday. HQ will have toilet paper and disinfectant.
  • The sauna at the registration area serves players from Wednesday to Saturday with the possibility to bathe in the lake. Players are responsible for heating the sauna. If there’re any problems with the sauna please contact game masters. The showers in the sauna provide only cold water.
  • Firewood is provided by Game Masters and located at the bases. All the unused firewood must be returned.
  • Hop-up adjustment area in the base will be decided by the commander after most of the tents are set up.
  • In the base you can dig out only a little ditch around tents and the holes must be filled after the game before leaving.
  • Take care of the base in every way so we can use the game area in the future!

Trash collection

  • All trash must be in CLOSED BAGS.
  • Civilians can leave the full bags outside of their accommodation.
  • Both factions will have a trash collection spot near the toilets.
  • Bottles/Cans should be put in orange bags and when the bags are full they should be brought to a container next to the trashcans at bases. Orange bags are available at HQ/accommodation.
  • If you find trash (ex. used Paladin) during the game on the field, we ask you to help us keep the area clean and collect it with you. This way we are guaranteed to get game areas also in the future.


  • Game master sauna will be available to all factions at Game masters area near check in from Wednesday to Saturday. Sauna is an offgame area. Sauna has cold showers and you can swim in the lake. Players are responsible for heating the sauna. If there’re any problems with the sauna please contact game masters.

First aid and emergency service

  • Game masters have first aid personnel ready at all times at registration.
  • Fire extinguishers can be found from accomodations, near water replenishment and in most game master vehicles.
  • In case of emergency, evaluate the situation and call for help (General emergency number: 112 ( or game masters +358 400 232 630). Make sure you know your exact location and be prepared to guide the help to the site. Don’t be afraid to stop the game.
  • Game area address is: Juupavaara; Hissitie 40, Lyly.
  • If you call general emergency number 112, make sure to inform game masters about this so we can set up directions to the place of accident. All injuries, even minor ones (such as sprain ankle) should be reported to game masters.

Grill and food

  • We are actively trying to get a new food service. The food service was supposed to be provided by the Juupavaara entrepreneur, but they are unable to do it for the reasons written above. Information about the state of food services will be published in our facebook and also obviously in the

Vehicle check in

  • All the ingame vehicles will be checked in the base on Wednesday 14-18. At this time vehicles must have faction’s marks, weapons ready for chronoing (unless they have been chronoed).
  • Every vehicle is required to use the status-app or GPS-tracker provided by Ehasa. If you manage to lose or destroy the GPS-device there’s a 150€ fee. We are collecting the user information during the vehicle check in.

Offgame vehicle parking

  • Parking area address: Hissitie 40, Lyly.
  • This year we are not providing transportation services. If a player must get to their offgame vehicle during the game, they have to get the transport there by themselves.
  • Game masters do not recommend leaving the game before “Game Over” since roads can’t handle large amounts of offgame vehicles at the same time.

Game objects and objectives

  • There are a few key objects in the game, all of which have separately printed user instructions.
  • Some of those objects or equipment related to them are only operable by a specific (civilian) player.



Game start

  • All civilian, and both factions recon forces start their game at 7.00pm.
  • Rest of the units start their game at 8.00pm.

Capture points

  • Capture points are marked at However, changes are possible. Civilians are not normally allowed to respawn from capture points unless otherwise informed in notifications. Fighting factions are allowed to respawn in capture points. Capture points do not award any points and are only used for respawning. It is possible for other factions such as civilians to control capture points in order to disturb the fighting factions.
  • Civilian faction has some capture points under their control and they cannot be captured by force.

Resource points

  • Resource points are marked at They have their own names to represent what they are and how they work. It is possible for civilians (green) and other factions to control capture points in order to disturb the fighting factions and receive scores from controlling the points. Respawning at resource points is not possible for any faction.
  • Scores which point produces might be manipulated during the game with specific items/work done to them. Main factions scores are only visible to GM and are provided to HQs if asked. Civilian and other factions scores may at some time be shown for the public.

Anti-tank mines

  • The use of anti-tank mines is not restricted. If, however, you intend to place them in the path of the enemy's base, remember that you also have to get the mines out of there after they have been dismantled. The number of mines is limited this year.

What should I do if I find an empty ingame-vehicle?

  • Leave a note for the vehicle owner about the time when you visited the vehicle and that the vehicle has been destroyed. If you find out a note on your vehicle stating that the vehicle is destroyed, follow the vehicle respawn rules.

Use of drones

  • When using drones, you must comply with Finnish law and aviation regulations. Read the information about drones in the game rules.



Civilian meeting point

  • As fighting factions' main bases are off game, there is a marked civilian meeting point in where civilians should arrive and set up a meeting when wanting to talk with HQ staff. There will be HQ contact information.

Civilian faction special skills

  • Civilian faction players will have special skills that allow them to do things that are not written in our normal game rules or work differently (ex. faster vehicle repair or healing of players). Skills can be positive or negative for the player who is affected by special skills. Some skills are needed for certain missions. These special skill holders always have skill cards to show if asked.
  • For example, the civilian faction has a doctor who can save a dead player with a blood transfusion. Naturally, a live individual is needed for the blood transfusion. The success rate depends on how long the player has been dead.

Village rules and important villagers contact information

OC-spray/Taser/Baton, Knock out and Knife kill

  • We want to remind people that our rules also contain less lethal weapons which various factions/groups might have and which have their own effects. Specially civilian players and players acting in civilian villages should read and understand these!

  • is a GM provided news site which follows what happens inside the game story.
  • If you wish to become a reporter please contact game masters via email.




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