The event follows a years-long intriguing story that began during the TSTOS Parola . If you are new to the game series, then check out the previous TSTOS series stories.




In northern Finland, two competing energy companies are trying to find and seize mining deposits.

Sewell Mining's mining operations were launched in 2016

The unrest in the world and the shortage of energy and minerals have pushed international companies in seek of natural resources to Finland which is recovering from the civil war. Pirkanmaa / Central Finland in particular has been of interest to numerous companies, due to the precious metal deposits known there.

During 2021, Hölböcorp launched a satellite in Padasjoki, which the company used to sell geographic data from precious metals to Sewell Mining. The data sold gave Sewell Mining the confidence to relocate its business to Juupajoki Finland, where the majority of the mining posts were known to be.

At the same time, a newly established company called Polaris energy had settled in Pirkanmaa / Central Finland region. Polaris Energy is known to be based on a businessman named Eerp Saarp, whose activities have been investigated by authorities in several countries.

The mines were often vandalized.

The events take place in a hilly mining area. Based on the mineral map obtained from the mining area, it is known that there are several precious metal deposits in the area. However, the exact locations of the occurrence are not known, and security forces acting on behalf of both companies are trying to search for the occurrences. When the deposit is found, the mine is to be seized and will then produce valuable metals and minerals for the faction. However, taking over mines is not a completely straightforward process and requires special expertise that only few in the area have.

Civilians have remained in the Juupavaara area, although the housing in the area has suffered greatly in the civil war, which why it is the common goal of the civilians to leave the area by the onset of winter. Part of the civilian population has been at the center of the struggles of mining companies, as they have previous experience of mining, which companies see as valuable information in taking over the mines.