Operation Polaris

Battlegroup 2022 is a four days long airsoft event


TSTOS 22 will be held in Juupajoki in the old ski resort Juupavaara. The game area has plenty of altitude differences, interesting terrain, good road networks and some lakes.


The "action" phase of the event starts on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 and ends on Saturday, August 6, 2022.
Aftergames will be held on August 6, 2022.



The event will be held in Juupajoki, Finland. The estimated size of the game area is approximately 6-7 km²

Game area

Game fee?

  • Main factions
    • Pre-payment: start out on 90 € + 5 €/month
    • Payment on site: 125€
    • HQ-teams: 40€
  • Civilians
    • 25€


If the event has to be canceled due to Finnish official regulations or the travel of an individual participant is restricted by their countrys official regulations, we will refund the game fee (-5 € handling fee).

Information about



Sewell Mining is a mining company founded in 2015 that began operations in Vihtijärvi with mining takeovers. In 2021, Sewell Mining purchased data from Hölböcorp on mineral deposits, which in the wake of new mining deposits moved the company's Finnish business little bit further north to Pirkanmaa area.

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Polaris energy is an energy company officially founded in 2022, which controls 45% of the energy market in central Finland. Several international journalists have been researching the underlying details and rapid development of Polaris Energy. Polaris Energy is known to have taken advantage of the precarious situation in Finland and taken over former fighters from Pirkanmaa, Uusimaa, Hölböcorp and the EGTC.

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The civilian population of Juupavaara has had to leave their homes and, as a result, the accommodation of the population consists mainly of temporary accommodation, such as tents and caravans. There is a need among civilians to try to leave the area before winter arrives.
The security of civilians in the midst of the crisis is taken care by a security force set up of local residents. The security force is open for anyone to work for.

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Aug 03

Grill cart open thursday to saturday

Elias Tahvanainen

Good news! We got a new local barbecue entrepreneur named Kantri BBQ at the last minute. Kantri BBQ is known, among other things, for its ribs and other meat delicacies. Since we got them to agree ...

Aug 01

TSTOS 2022 information

Elias Tahvanainen

Welcome to TSTOS 2022Please read the whole document as there is lots of useful information about the event and rules.Lue koko dokumentti. Mikäli tarvitset käännösapua, niin laita siitä meille sä...

Jul 10

Polaris Energy commander selected

Elias Tahvanainen

The commander for the Polaris Energy faction has been selected. Here is a short introductory text made by the commander:I am Antton Lunden, game name "Svir", a 29-yo hobbyist from Kerava who has been ...

Jul 09

Event is getting closer

Elias Tahvanainen

General information If you are planning to come to the event, but have not yet registered, please register as early as possible. This information makes it easier, among other things, for the commande...

Jun 13

General news, age limit changes and information about the gamearea

Elias Tahvanainen

A visit to Juupajoki game areaOn June 11, 2022, we made a visit to the new Juupavaara game area. The new area seemed very suitable for our event and is guaranteed to offer a diverse and interesting te...

May 15

TSTOS 2022 trailer has been released

Elias Tahvanainen


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