The target size of the playing area is estimated at 6-7 km²

TSTOS 22 will be held in the area of the old ski center in Juupavaara. The history of the Juupavaara ski resort dates back to the 1990s, after which the recession drove the then company into bankruptcy. During the 2017/2018 seasons, the ski resort continued to operate, but no successor could be found after that. The area is rich in altitude differences and beautiful scenery, as well as a relatively extensive road network and a few lakes.

Today, Juupavaara has a constantly evolving tourism / event / outdoor activities.

Update, June 11, 2022
We made a visit to the new Juupavaara game area. The new area seemed very suitable for our event and is guaranteed to offer a diverse and interesting terrain for all kinds of players. In terms of mechanized forces, the roads are not quite as wide as, for example, on Ilveskallio, or Padasjoki, but there are plenty of bypasses in the road areas and with vehicles that have more increase in ground clearance bypassing is possible almost everywhere. There are also steep cliffs and other elevation differences in some places along the road for players in AT-roles.

As it is an old ski resort, there was great scenery from the top of Juupavaara. A civilian village will be established in the lower parts of the southern slope of Juupavaara, where it will be practically in the center of the area, serving both factions. The bases of the actual fighting factions are placed in the forest on the opposing sides of the game area. Detailed base locations will be announced for the specific factions some weeks before the event starts. However, there will be separate driving directions to both bases.